Action in progress (part 2)

Action in progress (Part 2 ) Articles Action in progress: trial on the boiler room case In our first article, we announced that proceedings were in progress on the boiler room case. A trial started on October 11th in Koblenz, Germany, where 7 defendants had to answer to the accusation "the use of boiler rooms".

Trading Scam Platforms

Trading Scam Platforms

Understand how fraudulent trading platforms work to avoid being
to avoid being scammed: methods, contact details, etc.

Informing #1

Informer #1 Articles Informer #1 According to an AMF study in 2015: 5% of French people have already been victims of investment scams. The #ADVPIC Tip: Beware of overly tempting offers! Here are 3 examples shared by Bercy Infos: Express trading training Some online trading sites promise you to become a trader in a few days.

Action in progress (part 1)

Action in progress (part 1) Articles Action in progress (part 1) Victims of scams via call centers, a procedure is underway! The ADVPIC association is currently leading a campaign in Europe to identify victims of online scams, to inform them of their rights and to accompany them in their legal proceedings in order to repair their damage. [...]

Boiler rooms in the firing line

Boiler rooms in the firing line Articles Boiler rooms in the firing line It was September 2020: Gal Barak, the cybercriminal nicknamed "The Wolf of Sofia", was sentenced by the Austrian judiciary to 4 years in prison for commercial fraud and money laundering. This [...]